Warranty Policy

Warranties are honored pursuant to manufacturer policies and the following conditions:

You are required to provide proof of purchase and purchase date.

We do not warranty items that are customer supplied. For example if you bring us a new wheel to install we’ll warranty the labor but not your wheel.

We will objectively evaluate warranty issues and contact the manufacturer on your behalf. It is up to the manufacturer to honor their warranty based on the information we provide them. We’re on your side, within reason.

Manufacturer warranties generally only apply to normal use. Any abuse or crash damage is generally not covered.

In most cases other than bicycles we’ll replace the item on the spot if we believe the item to be defective and we’ll contact the manufacturer later so you don’t have to wait on them. This does not apply to special ordered items or items which we normally don’t stock.


Warranty claims on items must be made in person with the item in question. If we cannot see the item we cannot consider a warranty. No exceptions.

New bicycles have a manufacturer’s warranty against defects (typically 1 year). Frame and fork warranty varies with brand. Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, tires, tubes, damage caused by user error, improper use, abuse or crashes.

Labor / Service has a 30 day warranty except in the following cases there is no warranty:

If a new crank arm comes loose and is damaged and the customer declined a bottom bracket replacement, we do not warranty the crank arm nor the labor.

If we recommend a repair/replacement and the customer declines, any labor performed on said components are not warrantied.

Labor performed on the original equipment of department store bikes (those from Wal-mart, Target, etc) is not warrantied due to the sub par nature of the original equipment components.

Warranty claims must be made in person with the bicycle in question. If we cannot inspect the bicycle we cannot warranty the labor. No exceptions.

If you opt to have us use a used part in the rare absence of a suitable new part where a delay is unacceptable, there is NO WARRANTY on used parts.